Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Ugly is good.

I've got a bit of a crush on ugliness at the moment. Ugly things can be very cool, I'm sure of it. Here are a few things from my shop that are a bit on the ugly side, including my favourite, The Mona Lisa Schnauzer.

Grizzly Bear Earrings
Ugly Bird Brooch
Bronze Flower Ring
Stag Head Brooch

Czech Vintage Yellow Gold Ring
Vintage Copper Flower Brooch
Mona Lisa Dog Brooch
Mustard Yellow Vintage Ring

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Beautiful People

Tushtush is based in Tel Aviv, and sells these very beautiful prints across the world. I've just treated myself to one of her tiny canvas prints (The Seaman playing guitar) with a view to building up a cool little cluster of TushTush paintings on my wall before too long!


The Dancer

Sharing Our Secrets

Friend of Polinka

Saturday, 19 February 2011

A Treatise on the Cocktail Ring

Cocktail rings are a large part of what I do, and I like to think I do them rather well. I stick them on with everything, tatty old jumpers, floaty maxi dresses, tshirt and jeans. No need to dress up, just bung one on and go. Big fabulous rings make me feel better about everything.

art deco cocktail ring
gilded lily cocktail ring

French navy ring
Art deco pearl ring
purple moonstone cocktail ring
Art nouveau ring
cobalt blue ring
bling pearl ring
lilac glass cocktial ring
turquoise pearl cocktail ring
nude pearl ring
ugly flower ring
peach cocktail ring
mustard glass ring
lilac butterfly heart ring
roman chariot ring
Diamond gold cocktail ring
Matte yellow gold ring

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Flap, Flap.

My second Folksy Friday sees me celebrate the humble feather, and the humble bird to whom the feather belongs.  There are some pretty spectacular hats and fascinators here.  I want some of my godless heathen friends to get married, so I can buy and wear some of them.  Enjoy. 

spring chick brooch
bird cake toppers

bird hatlilac bird brooch

Teal Feather Headpieceivory feather headpiece

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I have a love of verdigris, from verdi-A to verdi-Z

I have great love for verdigris jewellery at the moment, particularly in animal form.  They remind me of ancient gate posts or similar, and while I am also flirting with hand-painted faux patinas in lavender lilac, buttermilk yellow, acid green and cool aqua blues, these genuine verdigris charms in beautiful tones of green, turquoise and gold do float my boat.  They're all available from my website and I hope you like them too. 

rampant lion brooch
fat bird on branch brooch

verdigris bird earrings
antique bird necklace

butterfly brooch
ugly bird brooch

shield brooch
parrot brooch

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sunday Showcase: Gail Griggs

Gail Griggs is a fellow Scot and photographer whose work I admire for its sense of fun and the beautiful vintage finishes she produces. And she uses a genuine 1940s camera for her work, which I just love.

rubber duck
cup of tea

polka ewe
pair of ducks

care bear

second camera