Thursday, 17 February 2011

Flap, Flap.

My second Folksy Friday sees me celebrate the humble feather, and the humble bird to whom the feather belongs.  There are some pretty spectacular hats and fascinators here.  I want some of my godless heathen friends to get married, so I can buy and wear some of them.  Enjoy. 

spring chick brooch
bird cake toppers

bird hatlilac bird brooch

Teal Feather Headpieceivory feather headpiece


  1. WOW!! You really know how to co-ordinate colours Eilidh, I love your blog, including your older posts. Thank you so much for including my hattie in this beautiful collection, Sue x

  2. Oohh they're lovely! I keep hinting at people to get married to buy fascinators too! If I thought they weren't to over the top for everyday life, I'd have them all :]

    Lovely picks! :] x

  3. lovely selection! I luurve birds ;)

  4. these are lovely, the blue feathers are stunning.
    who do i know that i can convince to get married?

    great selection - I have seen lots of animal themes today - spring is in the air :)

  5. Tweet Tweet! Lovely blog and some amazing finds fit=r your feature gallery!

    Natalie x

  6. The blues in this post all look lovely together! The peacock feather fascinator is fab :o)

  7. Thank you for including my birds in your blog! Rae