Saturday, 19 February 2011

A Treatise on the Cocktail Ring

Cocktail rings are a large part of what I do, and I like to think I do them rather well. I stick them on with everything, tatty old jumpers, floaty maxi dresses, tshirt and jeans. No need to dress up, just bung one on and go. Big fabulous rings make me feel better about everything.

art deco cocktail ring
gilded lily cocktail ring

French navy ring
Art deco pearl ring
purple moonstone cocktail ring
Art nouveau ring
cobalt blue ring
bling pearl ring
lilac glass cocktial ring
turquoise pearl cocktail ring
nude pearl ring
ugly flower ring
peach cocktail ring
mustard glass ring
lilac butterfly heart ring
roman chariot ring
Diamond gold cocktail ring
Matte yellow gold ring


  1. Love these :) I bought your opal ring a couple of weeks ago, it's beautiful. x

  2. Wow you really do have a knack of putting things together very beautifully. These look amazing; I love the cobalt blue vintage ring :)

  3. gorgeous! I love all of them but especially the pink heart! x

  4. The pink heart one is my favourite too!