Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Howdy, Cowboy

There's something wonderfully trashy and unwholesome about a pair of scuffed white cowboy boots, isn't there. I've collected a few beautiful things to compliment my brand new Wild West gun earrings. If you want any of them, click on the image and they shall be yours (in return for a fistful of dollars).

white cowboy boots
Vintage pistol gun earrings

cowboy paper doll
Cowboy Adventure Book

Handwoven Stetson Hat
Vintage Miniature Horse

Tin Cowboy
Brown Leather Bag


  1. Great collection - loving the cowboy tin!!

  2. Oh those gun earrings are great--love this collection! Thanks for including my paper doll!


  3. Nice blog! Is it really this BRAND NEW? Looking forward to your Craft Britannia post :)

  4. Yeah, when I say *brand* new, I mean it! But I got lots more coming...