Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Ugly is good.

I've got a bit of a crush on ugliness at the moment. Ugly things can be very cool, I'm sure of it. Here are a few things from my shop that are a bit on the ugly side, including my favourite, The Mona Lisa Schnauzer.

Grizzly Bear Earrings
Ugly Bird Brooch
Bronze Flower Ring
Stag Head Brooch

Czech Vintage Yellow Gold Ring
Vintage Copper Flower Brooch
Mona Lisa Dog Brooch
Mustard Yellow Vintage Ring


  1. A sentiment I've always held close to my heart! Says something about the viewer... ugly as just ugly? ... or ugly as cool!

  2. Blackbird I just checked out your etsy shop and I love!!! I am going to do a blog on your photos soon (if that's alright with you) x

  3. OMG! That dog one is so great. And what a cleaver title for it. I would definitely wear it.

  4. Your dog brooch is one of my favourites, I just know I'm going to buy it one day! x

  5. Beautiful!


  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower! I have enjoyed my visit to yours and am sure to pop by again. Marie x